We Care About You

At Wellness we provide basic health care services, teach prevention and self-help skills, and serve our community – because we absolutely care.

About Us

Amazing Angels Home Care is here for your loved one (s)! If you are interested or in need of health care for your loved one(s), we offer provider services to assist in daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, cleaning, meal preparation, and other tasks that have become too difficult for you to complete on a daily basis. These are achieved through waiver services and community-based support services which you or your family can fully benefit from.

Our mission and focus are in creating opportunities for medically-dependent and individuals with special needs to stay in their homes. At home, they are close to their family even during their therapy or over the course of health management.

Experienced Staff

The staff at the Amazing Angels Home Care  work as a team to exceed each of our guests’ expectations. We have 20+ years of high-level experience helping folks get back to as good as new.

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Provider Services to provide Primary Home Care/Family Care and Medically Dependent Elders Programs to eligible recipients in the community. Call us at  +1 409-767-8833 to request for an eligibility assessment. We look forward to assisting your family and your loved ones.


Phone: +1 409-767-8833
Fax: +1 409-767-9203

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1140 W Cardinal Dr, Beaumont, TX 77705, United States